Leco Realty now accepts rental payments online!




Exciting News! You can now pay your rent online! Choose to pay by Credit Card or E-Check anytime, anywhere.  Additionally, Electronic Cash Payment option were you can pay cash at Ace Cash Express *must have PaySlip provided by Leco Realty in order to pay at Ace Cash Express* – Ask for yours today!

How To Get Started?

Provide Leco with your email address, shortly you will receive an email invitation to setup and access your unique tenant portal.

If we already have your email address, please look for the separate email invitation.

(note: the email may be in your spam folder)
For the best experience, Firefox or Chrome are the suggested browsers.

Why Pay Online?

  • It’s Secure – Online payments are more secure than mailing a check!
  • It’s Fast – Online payments post to your rent account immediately!
  • It’s Convenient – View your charges and make payments online anytime, from anywhere!
  • It’s Flexible – You can pay with whatever method best fits your needs!

What Are Your Payment Options?

E-Check – Enter your routing and account number to pull your rent directly from your checking or savings account.

Credit Card– Charge your rent to your credit or debit card; earn points or pay over time. There is an online payment fee affiliated with any Credit Card payments:

  • $17 for rent up to $900
  • $27 for rent between $900.01 and $1250
  • $37 for rent between $1250.01 and $3000 (max $3000 per transaction)

Electronic Cash Payments – Take your cash and personalized PaySlip into *ACE Cash Express to pay your rent.

  • Contact us for your personalized PaySlip and to find the most convenient payment locations
  • A transaction fee of $3.99 will be applied for transactions up to $1500

*You do not need an email address for this option but you must have the PaySlip provided to you by Leco in order to pay at Ace Cash Express – Ask for yours today!



Let us know if you have any questions and thank you for being a valued tenant!


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Memphis, TN.  38122

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