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Why invest in real estate? Or more specifically, why invest in rental homes in Memphis, Tn? The primary reason anyone becomes an investor is to make money but many first time investors make the mistake of considering all rental houses as the same and ultimately buy the wrong properties. In other words, all rental homes are not created equal. To become a successful investor you need to buy the right property and this is where the brokers at Leco will make you successful. Here at Leco we will manage your sale and then not leave you but will continue to lease the property. Coupling this sales and management strategy will drive your investment profits and increase your bottom line. The brokers at Leco know the rental home market in Memphis better than anyone-period. With 30 years of experience of sales and management we will make you money and create a long term relationship that will profit you better than any current investment.

About Us

Founded in 1988 by Bert A. less, Leco Realty has a staff of seven full time employees and a full complement of crafts and maintenance vendors. Still a family owned operation, the company manages over 1,500 units in the Memphis metropolitan area. Read More


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