12 Tips for Winter Lawn Maintenance

When winter arrives and the weather turns cold, many of us dread the thought of going outside, much less working out there! The frigid temperatures often lead to what we like to call the “Winter Blues” where we stay trapped inside our house or workplace, thus neglecting our lawn.

Now, you might be wondering what you could possibly do to help your landscaping at this point when all you see is brown grass and dead plants. I took the liberty of compiling a list of general lawn care tips that you should be doing now to ensure a beautiful spring yard.

  1. Cut back ornamental grass
  2. Mow over leaves to create mulch for grass
  3. Prune woody shrubs and trees
  4. Prune suckers from ornamental trees, roses, and shrubs
  5. Check perennials to make sure roots are not popping up, then add mulch
  6. Prune fruit trees
  7. Apply dormant oil spray to fruit trees after pruning
  8. Apply deer repellents
  9. Apply anti-desiccant spray to evergreens to avoid browning edges
  10. Clean up broken plants or branches in the yard
  11. Transplant trees or shrubs that outgrew their current location
  12. Apply pre-emergent herbicides

With these 12 tips for winter lawn care maintenance, you now have a starting guide to making your yard look fabulous come springtime!

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